Chad Anderson || drums

Chad Anderson - Nashville 2006

Chad Anderson was born and raised in Starkville, Mississippi, and grew up in a musical family. Chad spent the early portion of his life developing skills as a visual artist while simultaneously studying music. While in college earning both his BFA and MFA degrees in the visual arts, he continued his private music studies and performances across the country and abroad.

Chad has studied with and/or has been mentored by musicians such as Alvin Fielder, London Branch, Edward ‘Kidd’ Jordan, Joel Futterman, Vernel Fournier, Cooper-Moore, Marvin ‘Bugalu’ Smith and others.

Chad has performed on a number of recording sessions and has recorded an album under his own name (with a new session currently in the works). He has performed in jazz festivals in locations such as New Orleans, Memphis, Nashville, New York, Rhode Island, and Italy. Chad has performed extensively in improvisational art and music collaborations as well, both in the role of musician and visual artist. His background in visual art continues to inspire his output as a musician.

Chad has performed formally and/or informally, in various settings, with musicians such as: Herman Green, Henry P. Warner, Hugh Masakela, Alvin Fielder, Joel Futterman, Kidd Jordan, London Branch, Toby Tenhet, Mark Applebaum, Calvin Newborn, John Birdsong, Darryl Reeves, Rahsaan and Roland Barber, Bruce Dudley, Moe Denham, Cooper-Moore, Miles Griffith, Michael Jefry Stevens, and many more.

Chad is currently a proud endorser of Istanbul Agop Cymbals™ | Handmade in Turkey.

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