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Chris Parker || piano

Chris Parker - Nashville 2006

Chris Parker was born in North Little Rock, Arkansas. He first learned from local Arkansas musicians, most notably: Charles Thomas, Art Porter, Sr., Bob Steele, Lee Tomboulian, and Michael Bates. Chris moved to Memphis, TN in 1991. There he received his BA degree from the University of Memphis and learned from/ studied with musicians including Gene Rush, James Williams, Herman Green, Fred Ford, Calvin Newborn, Bill Mobley, Alvin Fielder, Kidd Jordan, Joe Jennings, and Vernel Fournier.

Chris also spent several years in New York City where he learned from masters including: Benny Powell, Chris Anderson, Walter Perkins, Sonelius Smith, Barry Harris, George Braith, Warren Smith, and Bill Fielder.

Chris has worked regionally all over the south in festivals and other performance settings. He has also worked in NYC in clubs and other venues, and also in other countries including Portugal, France, Austria, and Germany.

Chris has performed/worked with: Harold Ousley, Benny Powell, Frank Lacy, Michael Marcus, Warren Smith, Andy McCloud, Roy Campbell, Jr., Wendell Harrison, Kiane Zawadi, Frank Lowe, Alvin Fielder, Joe Jennings, Earl May, Fred Ford, and Herman Green. Also informally with: Rashied Ali, George Braith, Frank Grant, Talib Kibwe, and Sonny Simmons.

Chris has performed in various venues, such as: Paine College Jazz Festival (Augusta, GA), Jazz Lights (Little Rock, AR), Memphis in May Fest (Memphis, TN), Southern Heritage Fest (Memphis, TN), EyeDrum Performance Space (Atlanta, GA), Lenox Lounge (NYC), Knitting Factory (NYC), Museum of Modern Art (NYC), Brooklyn Museum of Art (NYC), 1st Annual Brooklyn Jazz Fest (NYC), Bell Atlantic Jazz Fest (NYC).

Chris is also active in educational activities. He has worked as a teacher/artist with organizations including: Louis Armstrong Jazz Camp (New Orleans, LA), Mind Builders Arts School (Bronx, NY), Memphis Black Arts Alliance (Memphis, TN), Memphis Arts Council (Memphis, TN)

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